Yoga Poses: 4 Effective For A Flatter Stomach -

Yoga Poses: 4 Effective For A Flatter Stomach

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First of all, it is important to point out that a saggy and big stomach could be a result of loose skin and weak muscles in the abdominal area. Therefore, yoga poses are great for a flatter stomach because they help strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve your posture. It is possible to get a flat stomach with yoga poses. They are as effective as cardiovascular exercises when it comes to getting your desired stomach. In this article, I will be sharing a few yoga poses that can help you achieve the flat stomach that you dream of all the time. 

Yoga Poses: 4 Effective For A Flatter Stomach
Yoga Poses: 4 Effective For A Flatter Stomach

Yoga Poses: The Downward Dog Pose

As the name implies this exercise involves you imitating an animal on all fours but with a twist. The twist makes all the difference. It transfers the weight of the upper body pillow and makes the waist area a lot lighter. This exposes the abdominal muscles and you can effectively contract these muscles while holding this position. It is not magic. The downward dog pose is effective because it gives you the opportunity to contract your abdominal muscles. Therefore,you build strength in your abdominal area with this exercise and this can translate to the flat stomach that you dream of. 

The Cobra Pose

Yet again as the name implies, you assume the posture of a cobra. To perform this pose, you have to keep your head and spine straight to an extent with your palms on the floor and your lower body flat on the floor. The secret behind the effectiveness of this workout is gravity. Then lift your upper body and use your hands to support the weight. You will be working your body against gravity. Therefore, you can tuck your tummy in while holding this position and achieve great results. This  works best on the upper abdominal muscles.

Yoga Poses: 4 Effective For A Flatter Stomach
Yoga Poses: 4 Effective For A Flatter Stomach

The Bow Pose

This is another great way to challenge your abdominal muscles and back. This pose is very effective for a flat stomach. It works on the lower back which helps in ensuring that you have a tucked in the stomach. Thus, it builds strength in your waist area and gives the illusion of a slimmer waist and stomach. Also, since you contract the abdominal muscles and then the back a little, it helps build your posture. Sometimes, a protruding stomach may be a result of bad posture. If the posture is corrected, your stomach may be flatter than it actually looks. The bow pose is a great way to correct bad posture. 

Yoga Poses: Pontoon Pose

One thing that works great on the abdominal muscles is pressure and the pontoon post creates pressure in the abdominal area. You will be lifting two major parts of your body up at the same time leaving all the pressure in your abdominal area. This would enable you to contract your abs and strengthen your abdominal muscles. This will also help you get a better posture if you have posture issues and also reduce your stomach drastically if done frequently. 

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