Yoga Mats: Top 5 You Should Buy In 2020 -

Yoga Mats: Top 5 You Should Buy In 2020

Yoga Mats: Top 5 You Should Buy In 2020

If you are shopping for yoga mats, there are a few key features that you need to look out for. You need to check formats that are durable so that you can enjoy your practice and grow with your mats. Your yoga exercises will be more meaningful if you do them on the same mat over a long period of time. Also, you need to examine the cushion effects of the mat.

 Although most exercises are not intense, the right mat provides all the support you need when working out. 

Yoga Mats: Top 5 You Should Buy In 2020
Yoga Mats: Top 5 You Should Buy In 2020

Tapas Yoga Mats

To begin with, this was the first one designed specifically for yoga. As a result, it set the standard what yoga mats should feel and look like. It also set the standard for density, grip, and durability. Many yogis love this because of its thickness. Its density further ensures that it provides the right support yogis need when performing hardcore yoga exercises. This minimizes injury when working out as it provides the right support. Therefore,  if you want a soft landing anytime you are working out, you should go for the tapas yoga mats.

Yoga Mats: The Maduka Pro

If you want something that is solid and does not feel or smell like a yoga mat, you should opt for the Maduka pro. It is uniquely designed to serve its purpose while giving the illusion that you are not working out with a mat. A Maduka pro is steady and does not move throughout your exercise. This is a rare feature in yoga mats and this makes your exercises more enjoyable as you will not experience interruptions when your mats continuously slip under you. 

Yoga Mats: Top 5 You Should Buy In 2020
Yoga Mats: Top 5 You Should Buy In 2020

Jade’s Travel Mat

This was specifically made for travelers and people who move from one place to another. You do not have to interrupt your yoga routine completely whenever you travel. Jade’s travel mats guarantee that you always have a mat with you in your new destination. This is because it is very light and easy to pack. It is almost weightless and can be easily moved around. Thus, you can carry this special one with you anytime you travel. 

Liforme Mat

Alignment is key when practicing yoga. therefore submitted designed to ensure that you should get the right alignment whenever you work out. The Liforme is one such and it is equally affordable. Another great point for this is that it is made with sustainable materials and this makes it very durable. It is also popularly known for its stickiness and great cushioning. 

Youphoria Yoga Mat

If you are a fan of hot yoga, then this is the right match for you. You will enjoy working out with this because it does not slip away like most mats. It also has great cushioning which makes it easy on the knees and other parts of your body that will be in contact for the mat. Despite its thickness, it is also very light and easy to carry around. Therefore you can take it along with you when you are traveling. It is one of the best out there and one that we definitely recommend to any yogi.

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