Yin Yoga Benefits You Need to Know Before Getting Started

yin yoga benefits

Yin Yoga is beautiful helps heal both your heart and mind. Yin Yoga allows us some time to spend with ourselves. Yin yoga is a slow and steady practice that bends with meditation to ease out your senses. Yin yoga helps to stretch and relax the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. It helps to increase circulation in the joints and improve agility and flexibility of the bone and joint areas. It helps regulate the distribution and flow of energy in your body.

5 things to know about YIN Yoga benefits

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It is not a workout

Many Westerners think of yoga largely as a workout–a workout that produces a sense of calm but still exercises. They come to class expecting to break a sweat and tone their muscles, and in a power or flow class, they probably will.

Yin yoga is passive, and the goal is for the muscles to disengage. It’s practiced entirely sitting or lying on the floor, and the poses are held for several minutes each, so there’s brief movement.

It is not restorative yoga

The two practices, which are both passive styles of yoga, have some similarities. However, the goal of restorative yoga is to bring the body into positions where it’s completely supported, allowing you to relax. The sensation can become intense and even uncomfortable.

It has three key principles

It guides the practice of yin yoga by three tenants. The ultimate principle is to hold each pose for a period; depending on the pose and the level of the students, they normally hold yin poses for one to five minutes.

Poses have different names

Some poses common in yin will look familiar–but they will have different names. It is important to know the alternative names for each pose.

YIN addresses the joint & connective tissue

While YIN yoga will stretch the muscles, its primary goal is to work on the connective tissues, especially the fascia. It takes at least a couple minutes of continuous pressure for the fascia to respond to a stretch and change.

Yin yoga practice & benefits

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Your body calms and mind balances

Relieves and helps control stress and anxiety

Improves blood circulation

Agility and Flexibility improves

Releases fascia and improves joint mobility

Help the muscles to disengage

Help lose weight

Does Yin Yoga release toxins?

All the poses in yin yoga are detoxifying. We are stimulating the connective tissues, massaging the internal organs, squeezing the lymph nodes. With all the twists, turns, and bends, toxins are released and flushed out of the system.

Bottom Line

From the perspective of your physical body and your connective tissue, you can practice yin yoga every day. Yin unleashes emotions as it is releasing action that can bring up all kinds of emotions, including unexpected tears. You can practice Yin yoga anywhere, anytime. You even do not need a yoga mat to start. It does not require much of your busy time to invest in Yin yoga but the benefits are countless, timeless, and deep-reaching.

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