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Yin Yoga Benefits And Why It’s So Effective

yin yoga benefits

If you want to start seeing the many Yin Yoga Benefits, find a teacher who is experienced and well-versed in teaching it. Let us discuss the information about yoga here.

Aerial Yoga: 5 Unique Benefits

The Miracle of Mindfulness

This is a unique yoga. Aerial yoga is practiced from a hammock attached to the ceiling. Thus, yoga mats are unnecessary with this practice.

Hot Yoga: 5 Reasons Why It Is Great For You

Hot Yoga: 5 Reasons Why It Is Great For You

Hot yoga is now becoming a common practice among yoga lovers for so many reasons. It involves practicing yoga in a heated environment which is usually 37 degrees Celsius hot.

Tapas Yoga For Yogis: 3 Unique Benefits

A Guide To Yoga For Good Digestion: Positive Effects At Any Age

Yoga can teach you a lot of things and one of such thing is discipline. Tapas yoga instills discipline in people that practice It. it is a practice that emphasizes the need to cultivate discipline and passion in order to do away with physical and emotional impurities that are an impairment to our advancement.

Why Santosha Yoga Is Great For You

Why Santosha Yoga Is Great For You

The word santosha literally translates to contentment and it is a contemporary yoga practice that trains yogis to be contented with themselves and appreciate what they have in their life. It emphasizes the need to not to look at oneself or one’s current situation for happiness but understanding that happiness lies within the mind and soul.

Kundalini Yoga: Why Is It Becoming Popular

Kundalini Yoga: Why Is It Becoming Popular

Initially, this was extremely conservative and practiced by a few people only. However, in recent times, almost everyone wants to ease into kundalini yoga practice. The reason for this is not far-fetched.

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