Best Yoga Style Guide To Follow For Beginners

yoga style guide

Many yoga styles have been introduced throughout the years and it becomes really difficult when it comes to choosing what might suit you, especially when you are a beginner. Choosing the right yoga style is important because if you follow the style guide blindly and things don’t work in your favour, you may lose interest in yoga altogether. So, don’t go by blind beliefs and trust your gut while selecting the best yoga style for you.

Vinyasa Yoga And Ashtanga Yoga – Yoga Style Guide

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These are classical forms of yoga. Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga is taught in the traditional way and along with the exercises for your physical body, you also learn principles of life and life-force energy. Vinyasa yoga builds your overall strength and bone density. It initially focuses on body discipline and building bone density. Ashtanga yoga is best for children who have just begun their yoga journey. Ashtanga yoga can be best adapted by young bodies that are flexible and fresh.

Yin Yang Yoga

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The Yin Yang yoga is also gaining much popularity these days. As goes the name, yin yang yoga is all about balancing your feminine and masculine energies inside. It is a mixture of slow-flow poses and fast-paced exercises. While the slow postures trigger proper alignment, the fast exercises develop strength. This yoga is best suited for fitness-enthusiasts and sports freaks.

Therapy Yoga

This yoga is usually customised according to the learner’s needs. Therapy yoga is generally prescribed after a casualty. It can include breathing exercises called pranayama to get your emotional and mental health in order. Once your breathing is in alignment with your inner self, then small exercises called sukshma kriyas are taught that help you strengthen your body. These pranayama and kriyas can be different for different patients. Many incurable diseases like cancer, PCOD, thyroid, etc have been effectively cured by therapy yoga.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy can be a roller-coaster ride and an experience of mixed emotions for many women. At this place, prenatal yoga comes into picture and changes the whole concept of pregnancy whims. The women who practice prenatal yoga have experienced blissful pregnancy and safe delivery. They also don’t suffer from postpartum depression and are all up to nurture their newborns.

Conclusion – Yoga Style Guide

By now, you must have realized how important a yoga style guide is to let you know about the different styles of yoga that exist and how you should go about selecting your kind of yoga. The main principle of yoga is aligning the mind, body and soul. So, always look for what goes best with your body as well as with your heart. If you join a class reluctantly, it may not give you the desired results that you want. You would be left with a disappointed heart and an unhealthy body. Always trust your body and your instincts to lead you.

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