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Aerial Yoga: 5 Unique Benefits

The Miracle of Mindfulness

This is a unique yoga. Aerial yoga is practiced from a hammock attached to the ceiling. Thus, yoga mats are unnecessary with this practice. It is a fun practice as it gives you the feel and experience of a circus. If you love to work out and play, you will thoroughly enjoy this yoga practice. Here are some key benefits of aerial yoga that you should know

It Is A Pain Reliever

If you have pains on your neck, back or any joint, you may find it difficult to perform the normal yoga. However, with a hammock, you will be able to perform all the poses with little stress on your neck or back. It also relieves you of any aches in your body that you might have been experiencing. It is an alternative for people with severe aches body aches as it has several therapeutic and healing effects on the body. Therefore, it is more than just a mere exercise. 

Aerial Yoga: 5 Unique Benefits
Aerial Yoga: 5 Unique Benefits

It Builds Your Confidence

If you want to be a dancer or performer and you feel you are too shy to face a crowd, you can get rid of your stage fright or nervousness by practicing this alternative yoga. It is a good way of boosting your confidence because it mimics a circus performance. Thus, you can literally practice and feel the crowd when doing yoga. With time, you will be able to ease into your movement and concentrate on the movement rather than the eyes on you. It creates a sense of self-awareness and boosts your confidence level a lot. 

Aerial Yoga Makes You More Flexible

Yoga generally improves your flexibility but aerial yoga takes your flexibility up a notch. With this practice, you will be performing most of the poses hanging from a hammock. Thus, you will have less contact with the ground and have to rely on your body to make the moves work. As a result, you will be training your body to be more flexible. You may be able to get into positions and perform poses that you will not be able to if you were standing or lying on a yoga mat. This will also put less pressure on your spine or any other part of your body. 

Aerial Yoga: 5 Unique Benefits
Aerial Yoga: 5 Unique Benefits

Aerial Yoga Is Fun

I assure you that you will have so much fun with this yoga. It is definitely one you would enjoy as you will be in character when performing this exercise. Aerial yoga is playful and entertaining. It is amazing to let yourself go and play as a child again.  If done with a class, it can be more fun and help you bond with other people. You will be meeting new people in a very friendly and happy state and environment. Therefore, it will be easier for you to make new friends and socialize in such an environment. 

It Strengthens You

Because you do not rely much on any solid platform to hold your body with this practice, your body gets stronger. Aerial yoga strengthens the major muscles in the body. It sharpens and tones the body gradually. With time, you will find out that you are stronger and that you have more balance than you did before the exercise. 

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